Corporate Security

SIA Approved Contractor

We Offer Reliable, Professional And Service Oriented Corporate Guards

Corporate Security

Synergy Guards provides different range of corporate security services for offices, and our reliable, professional and service oriented guards always leave a positive first impression on visitors.

You will always get our responsible and adequately trained guards with excellent communication skills. Our guards’ qualities include but not limited to the following:

  • Smart appearance
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fluent spoken and written English
  • Excellent customer concerns clarification
  • Phone, switchboard and re-directing experience
  • Good computer know-how
  • Experienced in conducting patrols and monitoring CCTV in a professional manner


We found Synergy Guards UK to be a top notch quality team, delivering fantastic services at a very competitive price. We always look forward to working with David and his team.

Surveying Manager From Barnes Construction

Synergy Guards have a delightful team who look after us from beginning to end. We always call on them and they have never let us down. We have them on speed redial!

Sam Smith From Bouygues UK

One of the best security firms around, no doubt. Whenever I need security, David is first on my list.

Meghan Williams From Bam Construction

We had a string of emergencies and needed urgent security within the space of an hour. I called Synergy Guards and they took care of us. I won't hesitate to recommend them.

Gavin Thurgood From Barnes Construction

Our premises are more secure than ever since we started working with Synergy Guards. The levels of theft and vandalism have dropped to zero, it's the best investment we've made this year. Thank you David.

Alina Pavalski From SISK Group

Security is always a concern on an ongoing site. With Synergy Guards at hand, we always have peace of mind. They are our preferred choice for site security.