Operational Guidelines

Code of Conduct For Security Guards

Personal Appearance:
Wear smart and presentable clothing that easily identifies you as a SECURITY GUARD, and is in accordance with Synergy Guards guidelines
Wear your SIA license on the outside of your clothing whilst on duty, displaying the photograph side
Professional Attitude and Skills:
Greet visitors to the Site/Company in a friendly and courteous manner
Always be friendly and do not discriminate on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion or beliefs, disability, or any other difference in individuals which is not relevant to the Security Guard responsibility
Individual guard is required to carry out his/her duties in a professional and courteous manner with due regard and consideration to others
Guards must always show personal integrity and understanding
Be watchful of your language when dealing with members of the public and colleagues. Use moderate language, which is not defamatory or abusive.
Guards must remain alert at all times
Guard must build knowledge of local services and amenities appropriately
General Conduct:
Guard must never solicit or accept any bribe or other consideration from any person
Guard must not drink alcohol or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Guard must not display preferential treatment towards individuals
Guards must always show personal integrity and understanding
Guard must never abuse his/her position of authority
Guard must never his/her position of authority
Guard must never carry any item which is or could be considered threatening
All incidents must be reported to the management
Guard must co-operate fully with members of the Police, Local Authority, SIA, and other statutory agencies with an interest in the Site/Company or the way they are run.
Company Values and Standards:
Guard must familiar himself or herself with Synergy Guards Standards
Guard are expected to have insight of Synergy Guards culture and values
Guard are expected to contribute to the goals and objectives of Synergy Guards
Guard must make himself/herself familiar with our client Site/Company where he/she is working i.e. Building Layout, Emergency Exits, Gates, CCTV, Muster Points, Fire Alarm Positions and Fire Fighting Equipment
Any hazards or incidents that have occurred throughout the course of guard's shift must be reported and the outcome recorded in the incident book
Guard must look after and support the welfare and needs of his/her colleagues while on duty
Guard must not use mobile phones during work unless it is to contact the emergency services

Dress Code

Detailed Instruction on the dress code requirements for the Site/Premises you’re working at will always be made available through text message, email, phone or written in the project site folder. If you are in any doubt about the dress code requirements please contact the Operation Manager or the Operation Director on 0795 066 8955 prior to you starting your shift
There will be no variations to the dress code unless they have been approved by the Site/Premises management. If the dress code has been changed it will be communicated to you
Please note: there are regular Service Evaluation Report which will inform Synergy Guards management of any breaches of the dress code

The Dos of Complaints

Pay attention to the customers without interrupting
Acknowledge their point of view
Show understanding of the complaint
Show you are taking the complaint seriously by listening and questioning them for clarification
Repeat the complaint back to the person to shoe a better understanding of the issue
Tell them what you intend to do and take action immediately

The Don’ts of Complaint

Don't take the complaint personally
Don't be angry
Don't argue with customers
Don't blame your unprofessional colleagues
Don't blame the management
Don't justify your actions or make excuses
Don't make jokes at the expense of customers

PLEASE NOTE: You may need to apologise even if it is not your fault. Let the customer have the last word.

Site Records

A Daily Security Log Book will be maintained for the Site/Premises
Occurrences, incidents and actions taken must be recorded by date and time.
All checks must be recorded by time
Incident reports must be made for all incidents

When reporting for duty or finishing duty in “on site” projects you will be required to sign in and sign out in the Synergy Guards Daily Security Log Book. By signing in you signify that you have made yourself familiar with and understood:

1. Project Assignment Instructions – including having and checked the Amendment Record for any updates and having read and understood those updates

2. A project mandatory Instructions

Search Policy

Effective external search of the Site/Premises.

The purpose of this search is to check that:

Doors are locked and secure
Fire and Emergency doors are not blocked
Windows and skylights are secure
The external fence is intact and secure
All security equipment such as lighting, alarms, locks etc are in working order
All areas are free from litter and that there are no suspicious objects
Make a note of all the issues and put them in the incident book
Issues of a serious nature should be reported to the Operation Manager immediately without delay

It is important to be sensitive to peoples embarrassment, firm but polite.

Following all these procedures will prevent:
• Accusations of impropriety
• Accusations of planting of evidence
• Risk of injury to oneself

Threats To Staff

Threats to any member of staff should be taken seriously
You should know what the problem is and who was threatened by speaking to the affected member of staff
You should then approach the person who made the threat in a non-aggressive manner and establish what the situation is and why they made the threat
You should make it known to the person involved that threats to any member of staff are not acceptable under any circumstances
If you consider the threat to be of a serious nature, you should ask the person who made the threat to leave the Site/premises immediately
Inform the person who made the threat that should they not leave the Site/premises immediately then you will call the Police
If the person who made the threat does not leave the Site/premises when they have been asked to do so then call the Police immediately by dialling 999
Complete the incident report sheet at the first available opportunity

Security Equipment

All or some of the below listed equipment may be given to you depending on the project you are working on:

Daily Occurence Book
Hi-visibility clothing
Mobile Phone
Key to pemises
Radio (If required)
Clocking Gun


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