Operational Checklists

Bomb Threats

If you discover a suspicious package or item

DO NOT attempt to touch or try to move it
Immediately raise the alarm by CALLING 999
Report the location and nature of the suspicious package or item

On hearing there is a suspicious package or item:

You will be told to evacuate the building immediately by Site/Premises Staff
Leave the building by the SAFEST EMERGENCY EXIT
DO NOT DELAY to collect your personal belongings or for any other reason
Report immediately to the ASSEMBLY POINT

DO NOT RE-ENTER THE BUILDING until instructed it is safe do so by the Police Officer in Charge.

Bomb Threat Checklist

If you receive Bomb Threat call:

Keep the caller talking as long as possible
Never hang up
Gain as much information as possible (use sheet below)
When the caller hangs up dial 1471 to identify the call origin
Contact the Police immediately Dial: 999
Evacuate the building as per 4.3
If you received the call complete the checklist below...

Date of call:
Time of call:
Where is it?
When will it go off?
What does it look like?
Why these premises?
What kind of bomb is it?
Who are you?


Phone number on which the call was received:
Phone number when you dialled 1471:
Reporting door supervisors name:
Reporting door supervisors signature:

Suspicious Vehicle

If there is a car park, it should be patrolled to make sure that there are no unauthorised/suspicious vehicles
If you suspect an unauthorised or suspicious vehicle you should notethe following in the Site Log Book and on a corresponding Incident Report
  • Vehicle registration
  • Make, model, colour and any distinguishing features
  • The Time
  • The Date
  • Is the vehicle was acting suspiciously? if yes, in what manner?

Emergency Evacuation

If you identify a fire or incident that warrants site evacuation you should:

Immediately raise alarm and call 999
Report the location and the nature of the fire/incident
Where appropriate operate the nearest alarm
Seek assistance
In cases of fire and where it is safe to do so, use the fire extinguishers in the area to extinguish the fire and then if the fire is not immediately extinguished, evacuate the building by the nearest emergency exit and make yourself known to the Fire Officer in Charge

If you hear an alarm:

Leave the building by the SAFEST EMERGENCY EXIT
Do not run
Do not delay to collect your personal belongings or for any other reason
Report Immediately to the ASSEMBLY POINT
Do not re-enter the Site/Building until instructed it is safe do so by the Fire/Incident Officer in Charge

CCTV Guidance

Under the Data Protection Act, any CCTV system which records people on a public or private space must be registered under the DPA unless it meets the following criteria:

It only has a basic system with a couple of cameras
The cameras cannot be remotely moved
The system can only record what the cameras pick up
The cameras cannot be targeted in any way on to an individual
The recorded images are only provided to the police for evidence purposes

For all legalities or questions, please contact the ICO


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